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    Apr 2, 2009
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    I was wondering if anyone has crossed RIR with a white leghorn hen? Will the chicks be sex linked?

    Are there any crosses on Australorps that get six linked chicks?

    I have a few chicks, going to order some more. I'm thinking of keeping them mostly for laying but would also like to hatch out a few down the road. And sex linked is always easier.

    I'll have a couple RIR roo's, and am getting barred rocks, SLW, WR pullets. All should be sex linked yes? But leghorns should produce sex linked also?

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    Welcome to BYC [​IMG]!

    Since this question has sat here awhile . . . I'll take a shot at it [​IMG]. (That will bump it to the top and maybe more knowledgeable readers will comment. )

    It's my understanding that not all Leghorns have the required "genetic package" to have sex-linked offspring. Their white color is not hiding the silver factor genes that are required. White Rocks are also white but must be closely enuf related to Barred Rocks to carry those genes. So, they should work as dams for sex-linked chicks.

    Those Barred Rock hens are the sure bet for sex-links using your RIR roos. From asking here, I've learned that Black Australorp roos may also be used for the sires. The pullets would be completely black.

    I believe that this information is accurate and should be of help:

    Edited: You will notice that the phrase "White Leghorn" is not used on any of these 3 pages related to feather color sexing. Other Leghorn types (buff, brown, cuckoo) are mentioned, however.

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    Apr 2, 2009
    SW Iowa
    Thank you. Your reply made sense to this newbie!
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    That cross won't work because white leghorns are dominant white, therefore all the chicks will be the same color-yellowish white.
    You have to use a white bird with the silver gene and recessive white such as a Delaware or White Rock.
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    Jan 27, 2009
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    I use Delaware females with RIR roo for Red Sexlinks.

    You can use White Rocks - but there are strains of WRs which are dominant white and other strains recessive white. You must have the recissive white to get the sexlink offspring. So, if you go that route, ask any seller if their WRs are dominant or recessive white.

    For Black sexlinks, I use both of these combinations:
    RIR roo X Barred Rock females (This is the typical "commercial" cross)
    Black Australorp roo X Barred Rock females

    Edited to add: On the WRs - most chicks with the dominant trait will be solid yellow down. With the recessive trait, they're usualy a grayish-yellow down.
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