cross posting here - Turkey with black scabs on her neck Anyone??


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Hi All,

I posted this also in the turkey section but since they get a lot of the same issues, I wanted to cross post here. Here is a picture of Mabels neck. Day before yesterday in the morning her neck looked like this, today it looks exactly the same. I researched fowl pox, but it just doesn't look the same. I mean it may be, but it looks different on chickens anyway, here is a photo if anyone has any idea I would be much obliged

Thank you in advance!
I'm not sure what it is. Swab the area with a lint free rag and a 50/50 mixture of betadine and water. Cheap at drug store. Usually store has their own label and it's cheaper.

The bottom boil looks like it needs to be lanced or at least try softening up one of those large scabs using warm 50/50 solution and holding the rag in place for 10 to 15 minutes. The smaller lesions can be treated with a gentle wiping with solution and allowed to dry. Get all your supplies ready before you start.

Use gloves, eye protection have clean rags ready and neosporin and non stick gauze and vet wrap or other wrap. Heck, I've cut up an old pillow case into strips and used it with great success.

After softening and peeling away the scab (need dollar store tweezers) position yourself behind the sore and gently push on both sides and see what comes out. If puss squeeze again. If blood let it bleed 10 or so seconds.

The best rinse for this is fresh solution and a dollar store turkey baster. Flush well, pat dry, add neo to gauze pad folded into a quarter size to maximize absorption and wrap. Wash everyday with fresh solution, add gauze and rewrap.

Everything that was used needs to be thrown away except tweezers, baster etc. Soak in 14 cup bleach to 2 cups water. Rinse and let dry. Preferably in the sun.

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