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    This little girl is actually part of my Mom's flock, she is about six or mabye eight months old. She is a little bit undersized but seems to be catching up. Her beak thankfully is only slightly crossed, and she seems to eat and drink pretty well on her own. But the other day we noticed that the top of her beak is getting quite overgrown and starting to curve, which has to make eating harder. I was thinking to trim it back with nail clippers or something similar. I wanted to check first though, the beak has a quick to it like the nails and the spurs, right? Will just trimming the end off take care of it with no bleeding, or do I need to have some styptic powder waiting in case?
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    You can use a nail file to gently file it down. Yes, beaks have a 'quick'. You will be able to see where it is (if she has a light colored beak). The more transparent area is new growth and there's no blood there yet :)
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    Ok, thanks. The top part of her beak is dark, but the overgrown part is yellow-ish so the quick should be fairly simple to see. I will get her off the roost tonight and see about taking care of it. I'll try and get before and after pics as well.
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