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We have a hen, Beaktrice, who has crossbeak. It is pretty bad, but she can eat and drink. I thought we were going to have to "dispatch" her due to this, but she seems as weighty as the others her age, which is about 11 months. We do trim her beak when it needs it and it doesn't seem to be getting worse, but does anyone have any other suggestions? Does it continue to get worse? Anything else that may be a concern for her down the road?
At 11 months, I wouldn't think it would get any worse.
More often, I have them seen them get better, once their head and face are done growing.
Just keep the food dishes deep enough so she can get food, and hopefully she will live to a ripe old age.
Can you post a picture of Beaktrice?
Tomorrow I will try and get a picture of Beaktrice. I hope it doesn't get worse! She is a great little chicken! I am trying to make sure I know where she lays so I don't incubate any of her eggs this spring. i don't know if it is genetic, or something gone awry in hatching, but I guess it is better not to tempt fate!!!! Poor Beak is low gal on the totem pole!!! Guess the other girls notice she isn't "normal"!
She did not have the crossbeak when she arrive from the hatchery. It was about 8 weeks I think when we began to notice it was a wee bot wonky. Then it kept getting worse and we were ready to "do her in", but waited and she seemed to be doing ok.
I have one that I took in. She does great. She was called ugly girl to start with as she was hideous! Now she's moulted and quite pretty. I trim her beak a tad frequently and she eats and drinks fine. She is not at the bottom!
I have a rooster(super pretty colors) that i hatched and he has the same thing. He seems to be doing fine. he eats and drinks well. i havent done anything to his beak. but i hear it can be developed in any chicks which he is a daddy to.. ugggg i have new chicks by him so we will see what happens.
He is about 8 months old. ~Julie~
I have a 2yr old cross she is very sweet,lays nice eggs, but I have read it is genetic so you would not want to hatch from her. 1234duck, even if none of your chicks are cross from the rooster it may skip a generation. I don't think I would keep him for breeding.
I have a 3 year old layer with a crossed beak. She is the heaviest of my bantams and lays a large green egg every day. I have never had to trim her beak, I think because she free ranges and I often spread wild bird seed on the concrete path for them...natural sand paper. I do give her extra treats in a plastic cup to fill her up before bedtime.

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