Crossbred Ducklings Hachalong #1


Sep 25, 2020
Mansfield Texas
So I'm new to BYC and I have a post already going about my Twin duck egg over here : which is included in this clutch of hatch-a-long ducks :) I will be updating this top original post with the ducklings picture as we go along. These ducklings were placed in the incubator as they were laid instead of all at once, future clutches will be done where they should be scheduled to hatch all around the same time

I have 5 ducks that these ducklings came out of and could be the following crosses
Cayuga Drake (Charles Dickens)
Swedish Blue Drake (Claudius)

Magpie Duck (Wilson)
Swedish Blue Duck (Nikolett)
Rouen Duck (Vera)

All ducklings will be for sale in TX Mansfield/Fort Worth/Burleson area for $5 each lemme know if interested :)

Due to hatch in this is: (labeled by numbers until given their names :p)

#10 - Due 8th (starting to pip)
#11 - Due 9th
#12 - Due 10th
#13 - Due 11th
#14 - Due 12th
#14 - Due 12th
#14 - Due 12th
#15 - Due 13th
#16 (TWIN DUCK) - Due 14th
#17 - Due 15th
#18 - Due 16th
#18 - Due 16th
#19 - Due 17th
#19 - Due 17th

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