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I have a Rooster in my group of 5 12w EE's. We're pretty sure this is one is a rooster, but since we were going to give him away, he isn't adoptable because of his beak. I am considering having him to put to sleep because he is no longer able to eat on his own, and is no longer to eat when I would make a make a mush out out the chicken food with water. He used to be able to scoop it up and now he can't do much of that anymore. He also cannot drink from the regular chicken waterer, so he drinks from the bird fountain. He is under weight, too.

What should I do? I heard somewhere that this condition just gets worse and worse, I hate to have him suffer, but isn't there a way to correct this, or prolong his life? How about feeding with a syringe? I am sad.

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I'm sooo sorry about your sweet boy. He looks so pitiful. If he can no longer eat or drink on his own, I think the only sensible thing to do is to cull him one way or the other. I know how hard this will be... really. But I don't see how you can continue to feed and water him yourself for years, possibly. Maybe others will chime in who have a more positive outlook. My heart goes out to him...and YOU!
That is a severe case indeed. if he cannot scoop his food or water, it is time to have him put down. he will merely slowly starve to death because of not getting enough food and water. It is the right thing to do for him. he is a handsome little guy too. Good luck in your decision.
I agree with the others
I also have a crossed roo but he is not as bad as yours. I know if mine gets to the point where he can not eat or drink I will put him down. And he is our sweetest roo
he will even sit in my crib midgets lap. Im sorry for the hard times that ahead for you
Yes, you can syringe feed him. Chances are that once he gets some food in his system he will have more energy and try eating again.

Rather than mixing chicken feed and water, which gets hard pretty rapidly, get some baby bird hand feeding formula at the pet store. Mix it to a consistency of mashed potatoes. I find it helpful to feed in a small cup that is taller than wide, about half filled. Mix about 3 or 4 coffee scoops of food into the cup, then add a little water at a time. You need to give him this much at least twice a day. You also need to keeep other birds away when he is eating.

Keep both lower and upper beak trimmed as they tend to overgrow in these conditions.

Yes, he is a boy; he really does not look nearly as severe as a couple I've seen, including my Chicken Little. You might ask a vet if debeaking would allow him to eat more independently.

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