Crosses Between these Breeds. :D


12 Years
Dec 13, 2007
I am going to order some chicks and I just wanted to know (Early,I know) if any one had pictures of mixed breeds between any of the following breeds....

Gold Sex-link
Buff Orpington
Blue Cochin
Buff Brahma

Thanks!And do the Naked Necks crossed with Regular Chicken make a naked neck or not.

Thanks Again!
Here is my Meg, sired by a RIR rooster over an exhibition size Buff Orpington hen. She's a hefty girl! :
She is Gorgeous!I Am going to order a Buff Orpington Rooster and a RIR Hen.Will the chick look like your hen?
She is a beautiful girl Cynthia.How well does she lay and are they large eggs.I know a lot of times the crosses will lay better than the two original breeds,"sex link chickens".
Meg is a good layer. She's a year old and her eggs would qualify as large to extra large. When she began, every other egg was a double-yolker-her Buff Orp lines were known for double-yolkers, in general. Later on, that sort of quit and she just lays a normal egg now. She's quite heavy, but still likes to be picked up, held and petted. Her feathers glow like red fire in the sunlight, and they have darker edged lacing, very pretty.
Cynthia, Meg looks exactly like our hens!! Not sure what they are crossed with as they were a special breed from Frey's Hatchery in Ontario, but I'm betting they have orpingtons in them!!

Wonder what would the outcome would be if our girls were crossed with an Barred Rock Rooster, which we would like to get.
Well, the barring would be most likely be passed to all the chicks to some degree with a Barred Rock sire. I love my Barred Rock roosters-my main flock roo is a BR and I'm keeping his son as his "understudy". Great breed! I wouldn't mind more of Meg's cross, either. She is huge, probably because she didnt come from hatchery stock. She's larger than my hatchery Buff Orpington hens and my RIR hens, and about as large as my Blue Orp girls.


These are our Frey's Special's Hen and Roosters. Trying to figure out what the rooster is mixed with, white rock?? Plymouth Rock?? any guesses?? The hen definitely looks like it's got buff orp in it.

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