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May 26, 2012
Does anyone know any chickens I could cross to make my own meaties like freedom rangers or cornish x? I wanna be able to raise my own. I wanna raise something that will get almost as big as freedom rangers or cornish cross and grow about the same rate. Any ideas?
Why crossing some breeds?

The Mechels (malines cuckoo) was developed as a production meat bird in Belgium, in an area called Mechelen, and its flesh is of excellent flavor and quality. Males can weigh up to 12-13 pounds.
These birds can grow 2,4 kilogram within 10 weeks.
They have feathers on their leggs and feet.

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They breed well and they are good mothers.
I'm searching for you if you can get breeding eggs in the USA.
I live in Europe but here it's difficult to get eggs as well.

My chicks will hatch in 6 days.

But I'm searching for you.
I know cornish x are just cornish and white rock cross? But I didn't know if I could take a dark cornish and breed to a white rock or what.
I know cornish x are just cornish and white rock cross? But I didn't know if I could take a dark cornish and breed to a white rock or what.

There are a few different breeds in a Cornish X, but primarily a White Plymouth Rock and Cornish. I'm not sure if Cornish can be sex linked. You can breed some breeds and get sex links where the hens have the father's colors and traits and the Roosters have the mother's colors and traits. If you are selling the birds, I would think the skin color is more important than the color of the feathers.
Yes mainly skin color is most important but I don't know any other way to get size but dark cornish.
Also note that the infamous Cornish Cross is actually a 4 way cross (or so I've read no personal knowledge) so it is more complicated than a cornish plus something else. That being said a Cornish grows slow so if it is crossed with a large dual purpose that grows faster you should get a decent bird. Nothing quite a quick growing as a CX. I myself are on the same quest you are. I'd like to be independent from large hatcheries and have something I could sustain if I chose to. I just bought some dark cornish. I have a maran I want to cross. I also have a dominique. A few barnyard mixed barred rocks. A few black, and a few red broilers. Can't wait 24 week til they all get old enough to start making me eggs and crosses to play with. I'll start a thread with my findings once I get there but of course that will be almost a whole year from now. I am currently hatching some eggs from my maran and some of my barnies. but the cornish is only 3 weeks old so .....
Well I currently have a trio of dark cornish that are around 3 months old. But I also have black australorps, white rocks, rhode island reds, blue laced wyandottes, silver sussex, lavender orpington, and caranation sussex. Which all are chicks. But I think I may just put a few different hhens in with my cornish rooster and see what I can get. :)

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