Crossing Breeding & Back-Breeding


Aug 13, 2016
Nova Scotia
Hi All,

Would anyone be able to provide me with a link or some information on what the accepted practice is for cross-breeding and then back-breeding to re-standardize the offspring? The fine looking White Rock rooster pictured below caught my eye and peaked my interest... Is it advisable to cross him with a Malines hen and then select for the Malines traits in the following generations to invigorate my line? The breed (Malines) is relatively new in North America and there were only ever two lines imported into Canada that I'm aware of so the gains could be significant if it's considered an acceptable and worthwhile practice.

I should add that the Malines rooster I have now is a poor specimen and while I will be sourcing hatching eggs from another breeder with much better stock this season, any cockerels that hatch won't be ready to breed until Spring 2019.



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