Crossing in Blue Sumatran blood into an American Game (various ideas)

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    Nov 3, 2015
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    Given that Sumatra blood I will be using for this cross in is near game, they're free ranged among woodlands and open range. Basically wild, low to none dependence on feed around the yard. They always find their own food (the pair and trio) so with that being said, I'm thinking of crossing in some blood only for certain traits to add to either a Hatch (Green Leg), Grey (dark legged), or a Brown Red. I could be wrong but to what I remember Grey's had already have blue Sumatran blood crossed in to great the strain of fowl, so if thats true wouldn't a factor to consider would be what trait and lowest amount of crossing in to keep the game from the grey (Be a logical Grey Hen x Blue Sumatra Cock) this won't be more then a year or two of breeding since the owners will not sell me the Blue Sumatra pair since they're worth something. I was looking in traits both aesthetically and physically like the black face and comb and slate legs to speed and the wild blood. There's more I'd like to include but I'll be typing for an hour so ask any necessary details for given opinions. As for blood, each listed breed is pure game and are of successful cocks and proven hens so what's basically left is the calculation of blood and genetics being crossed in amongst 10 to a full clutch of eggs, bit broody rn tossing eggs and hatching like quail everywhere.

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