Crossing Sexed link/RI red/Jersey Giants NEED HELP!


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Apr 18, 2008
Warrensburg, MO
Hey folks, I am in the process of trying to build a bigger, better, brown egg layer.
I have currently crossed the RI Red Rooster (RIR) with the Plymouth Barred Rock Hen and have black sexed link (BSL) pullets.
I cross the BSL back to the RIR and I have a paler colored barred rock (PCBR) bird. (I know the black sexed links will not breed true.)
I am in the process of crossing the RIR back to the PCBR. I am not sure what I will get, but here are my questions:
Do I assume that if I keep crossing the pullets back to the RIR Rooster that after eight generations I will have a purebred RIR?
I want to incorporate size. At what point do I switch from a RIR Rooster to a Jersey Giant Rooster?
Should I use a Jersey Giant Hen in this process?
At what point do I quit back breeding to the original sires (and/or hen) ?
What is a good book to use for reference? I do not really are about color, so I do not think a gen book on breeding colors will help.
How do I map all this out so I can keep track of what I have done and what I think (and you think) need to be done?

Currently I have four breeding pens and two growing pens. Thanks in advance for your help in this.

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