Crossing the road in England

Tom from Ditchingham

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Mar 5, 2009
I just caught this fellow in full voice!

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Nice picture! Very interesting story....I'm gonna sneak back later and check out your other photos.....

How do those chickens manage? Do people help them out? You did a great job on your site.
love your pictures!!
I sure hope people do SLOW DOWN when they see them in the road? I love the history on this also. I know that down in Key West Florida they have chickens running all over, and they are protected too. They are those people that would like to see them gone, but more people really enjoy them. Love "the chicken man" he's so sweet to take such care of the little guys, and he loves it, just look at his face! Keep those pictures coming our way.
Such a lovely story. Maybe the Chicken Man could enlist some kids to help- sort of a chicken club. There would be a new generation of trained Chicken Protectors.
Great suggestions Thanx, I'll passs on your regards to the chicken man next time I see him, I'm sure he'll be delighted!

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