Croupy, gurgly chicken

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    Nov 15, 2011
    Hello!! I have a pullet that has been gurgly sounding for a month or 2... The gurgle sound recently got worse so I decided to treat with Tylan 50 1cc- 2x a day and VetRX drops under each wing and top of her head 2x a day.... It's been 3 days, she's still gurgly and now shes all bruised on her breast where I've been giving injections. Her gurgly croupy sound is worse in the mornings.In the afternoon she just acts like maybe a little short of breath. When she makes any noises she just sounds kind of hoarse and nothing really comes out. She's only about 5 months old. Shes been a calm trooper through it all and she eats normally and acts normal. Her poo is somewhat runny but nothing horrible. WHAT CAN IT BE AND WHAT CAN I DO?!?!? I just knew Tylan would clear her up and it's not.

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