Crowing roo, laying chickens, fertile eggs around the corner?

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    Sep 15, 2011
    First time with chickens. Here's what I have:

    leghorn, 24 weeks old, just started laying a week ago and has laid 4 perfect white eggs so far
    NH Red, 24 ish weeks, very red combs and has started clucking out an egg song since I've been finding eggs though I don't know for sure if she is laying -- have found 2 perfect brown eggs and one brown jelly egg
    Delaware, 24 ish weeks, squats when we approach which is a new behavior, her comb is not as red as the NH Red's comb-- might be laying? -- It is either the Delaware or the NH red that laid the 2 perfect brown eggs and one brown jelly egg

    2 EEs, one about 19 weeks old and the other about 23 weeks old
    5 cochins/brahmas/bantams, also 19 weeks old
    None of these gals are laying yet

    1 black cochin rooster, 19 weeks old, who started crowing on Nov 27th (a little over 3 weeks ago). I have now also started seeing him attempting to mount the older EE, who was not at all impressed or interested.

    Here is what I am wondering.... I know how to check for fertile eggs, so I will check when we crack open the eggs. If the roo is after the EE, does that mean she might be getting close to laying, too? Is he possibly having any success with the other chickens (quite a bit larger than he is)? If two or possibly three of my girls are just starting to lay, will the others follow (the older ones are laying, they aren't that much older, but they are known for laying, while the younger ones are typically more known for laying later anyway). I might incubate some eggs, but not until closer to spring... I'm really just curious. I have also been reading the threads about roosters getting mean. Right now my roo is pretty nice. He has never given me a hard time. I'm hoping it stays that way... he's just entering his true roo-hood, though, I suppose.

    Anyway... just curious... I know I will know the answers these questions eventually. Haha. Don't know if anyone would read this long of a ramble anyway!
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    In THEORY, roosters would only mate hens who are considered mature (of laying age). But the truth is, some rooster will mate shoes, stuffed animals, hands, etc. So obviously, some roosters are just randy, over eager horn dogs who probably don't care whether a pullet is ready to lay or not.
    I know that with my original big girl group, all of different breeds but hatched at the same time, they all began laying with 2 weeks of one another, so I do think once one girl began laying, it sort of triggered something. I don't know whether I answered any of your questions or I think I'm just rambling now...hehee. [​IMG]

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