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    Is Crumbles & Pellets the same thing? Common since to me it sounds like they would be 2 diff. things. But, on this bag of food /a cross the front it says laying pellets & on the paper label/tag it says 16% laying mixture and it says crumbles. ~*Is this"16% Laying Mixture" good/healthy for ducks? It has>>>crude protein,not less than 16% crude fat crude fiber calcium ect.... The reason I'm asking is we have a bag of this already & didn't want to throw it away. I Can buy some thing else for the MAIN source of Duck Feed. ~ PLEASE LET ME KNOW, I'm going to the Store... [​IMG] Thanks, Julie

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    Crumbles & pellets can be the same feed, but in different form. Pellets are larger, cylindrical pellets of food. Crumbles are the same stuff but crumbled up. [​IMG]

    If it's laying feed by a good brand (Purina's a good bet, Nutrena's okay), it's fine for them. I prefer pellets because they're easier to handle and the birds waste less. Some folks prefer crumbles. Personal choice.
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    I switched my pekins over to pellets after seeing how much of a mess they made with the crumbles. There was just way too much waste. If you already have a bag open, I wouldn't throw it away. 16% protein is supposed to be good for grown ducks.

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