Crushed shell with live (but possibly too young) chick?

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    I came out this morning to find my two female banties had hatched three chicks so far. One shell was partially crushed but I heard peeping from it so i helped the little thing out. Part of the membrane had dried to the chick and it was wiggling around, etc. I stuck it under one of the hens but I see they're more interested in teaching the healthier chicks and have left this little one in the nest alone. I brought it inside and it is currently under the heat lamp on a towel ( I make sure the temperature isn't -too- hot so because I don't really want a chicken nugget. It peeps and struggles when I move it, one eye is open (I think some of the membrane is still stuck to the other eye) looks wet still and isn't doing much other than laying still and breathing. Is there anything I can do to help it or is this a case of just waiting things out? It's been at least an hour and a half since it was 'rescued' from the crushed egg and it doesn't seem to be showing any signs of wanting to eat or move.[​IMG]

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    Mostly just a wait and see. Keep it warm (and away from drafts) between 90-95F and if you have sav a chick (electrolyte) or nutri drench you can offer to it by dropper or even q-tip, it might help a little. Sugar water is also a possibility if you have nothing better.
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