Crusted eyes *pictures *

The Farmers' Daughter

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Aug 2, 2017
Darwell Alberta
I've got a little bantam with completely closed eyes.
I've got her in a pet carrier far away from the other chickens.
The poor thing can't see at all and was walking into everything and getting trampled by the other birds.
She's breathing fine and drinking if I hold her where the water is (she can't find it on her own)
20180325_093700.jpg 20180325_093628.jpg 20180325_093616.jpg

Suggestions? How do I treat?
I would try Neosporin without pain relief. Try warm water with a cotton ball, then the ointment.
If someone thinks it's more serious, ie coryza or something, hopefully they will post. But that's what I would do right now.

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