Crusted Eyes


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Jan 5, 2011
Indiana Pa
I have found that some of my chicks are getting there eyes crusted shut. I will wipe them with a damp cloth and they will open. Some times it is one eye and other times it is both. I am checking frequently to keep them from staying that way. Anyone have any thoughts. They are eating the Manna Pro medicated Chick starter.

Any thoughts?
I have no clue but I'm bumping for the morning crowd! What type of bedding are you using? I know in some animals, if you use cedar they can have allergic reactions, but I'm not sure if that's the case.
I hope you get an answer. I have 1 chick out of 25 who has crusted eyes. i am still not sure if it got pecked or if it is something else. Good luck and please keep us informed.
I instantly got incredibly busy this since I first posted this.

No I only use pine chips.

All I really had time to do was to keep there feed and water full. Every so often (maybe once a day) check to see if anyone was crusty. All I would do is take a damp sponge and wipe there eyes till they opened. They would run and get some food and water when I set them down. I guess not being able to see where they were going made it tough to find it. Anyway all of the chicks are fine now and they seem ok. Whatever I guess.

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