crusty spot on Roo's comb

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    Hi! I have been researching all I can think of, but haven't seen anything like what my roo has. He is a Golden Lace Polish x Black australorp (hatchery) mix. Big beautiful black roo, about 7-8 mos old. He has a pale, crusty spot on his comb about the size of the end of my little finger (I am on the small side). Only on one side, only him. Has had it for around a month. Doesn't seem to be getting better or worse, hasn't spread to any others, doesn't look sore or irritated, not blistery or puss filled. Since he is not real cuddly, I haven't gotten any pics, but will try tomorrow evening after he goes to bed. Anyone seen anything like this before? Any ideas on what I should try? Thanks in advance!

    Hi again! In looking some more I have stumbled upon favus. I think that might be what I am looking at. Kinda looks like lichen as one posted mentioned.

    I will try to start with an anti-fungal tomorrow. Any other suggestions? Thanks again!
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    Catch 'n crate him, just to be sure 'n keep your flock safe. Check the links in the bottom of this post -- most esp. read over the diagnosing diseases based upon symptoms link -- not just for this specific problem, but actually read through it a few times, as it's a great way to become familiar w/ symptoms/diseases, and might help you to spot additional symptoms previously overlooked. Once you've got a name to put w/ the symptom(s), you can then look it up in the Merck Vet Manual, and other places.

    Favus is a fungal infection, Trichophyton gallinae ...
    The suggested treatment is formalin in petroleum jelly.

    • White, powdery spots and wrinkled crusts and scab on comb and wattles.
    • Feather loss.
    • 'Honeycomb' skin.
    • Thick crusty skin.
    • Loss of condition.

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