crying like a baby after this movie


My Girls
13 Years
Jun 11, 2009
just saw "fly away home".

loved it.... its an oldie, but so sweetly made..
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<3ChickenForever :

Nice lol. You should watch Letters to God or To save a Life.... very well putt together movies.

thanks, ill netflix them and check it out.
The Green Mile made me cry like a baby. Also, I'm ashamed to admit I cried when we took the kids to see Tangled. I felt like such a tool.

ETA: And Black Beauty gets me everytime.
My 4 year old got really worried! Poor girl, she still seems surprised her mom's insane!
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I am Sam made me cry like I have never cried at a movie in my life. i watched it late one night alone while DH was away on duty. It was during the time we were still fostering our daughters, before the adoption was final. i bawled uncontrollably.

Dumbo gets me every time.

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