Cubalaya chicks and tail carriage?

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    Hi, I finally got my chicks from Ideal last week and among them were cubalayas. Now my problem is trying to tell the Blue red cubas from the saipan chicks and the BBred Cubas from the rosecombed brown leghorn chicks. Now their teilfeather are coming in and I have noticed on a few on the chicks that could be Cubas that theit tail is literally pointing to the ground(kinda have a guinea sort of look with that stubby, straight down tail).

    I know Cubas have a very pronounced lobster tail as adults, would it be already this visible in chicks? if so, whohoooo, I can finally tell which chicks are the cubas!!!!!!

    Cuddled with the biggest chick yesterday that I think is a BBRed cuba due to that tail. Such a cutie pie, no matter where I pet him/her with my fingers he would not move, just stood there with his eyes closed and when I stopped he and 2 other ?BBRed Cubas? followed my hand to each and every other chick I petted and picked up.
    If that really are the cubas, I am sooooooo in love with the breed already then. Those chickies are to die for temperament wise.
    The Malays on the other hand are already a bit stand-offish with eachother(although one is very curious and always crawling around between my hands when i just rest them in the brooder), first I worried I wouldn't be able to tell those from the other chicks but with their pronounced brow ridges they kinda stick out, and they are already getting all leggy like(Awesome).

    I can't wait for all of them to grow up!!!!!

    Anyhow, enough of my babbling, I bet everyone here got that I love these guys....

    The Question again: Do Cubalaya chicks already show a very different tail carriage then other chicks when getting their first stubby little tail feathers?

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    First off, congratulations! [​IMG]

    Second, to answer your question, yes the tail carriage is very apparant once they start getting their feathers. Here's a couple of mine:

    Front View

    Back View

    Front View

    Back View

    The first one is a silver duckwing, however it looks like the leg color is going to be green or slate. I'll have to do some research, but I'm pretty sure the leg color on any Cubalaya is supposed to be white. So, the silver duckwing color hasn't been perfected yet - at least with the breeder I got the hatching eggs from. The second is a black breasted red (we think), and we believe both are pullets. "We" being the breeder and myself. [​IMG]

    Edited to add - the cubalaya chicks are also smaller than the other breeds, and usually a very solid bright lemon yellow color before they get their feathers.
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