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7 Years
Apr 12, 2012
Kentucky Heartland
I just have heard of this breed of chicken mentioned in another thread and ran a google search and they look rather interesting. Very pretty birds!

Has anyone had this breed and if so are they a tame type? What's your opinion on them. I'd maybe like to have a few to forage on an acre of land.
I love mine.I got a trio from a BYC'er last summer. They aren't lap mops, but are intelligent and calm natured. On the other hand, they are very able fliers and active, very fun to watch. I have one hen that moves like a ballerina, the other one more like a road runner. They can be trained to fly to your arm.
They SHOULD be very tame towards people, calm, fearless, not flighty. Of course not all will be like that. Excellent foragers, fliers, and mothers. They are slow growing, and fairly small birds. There is a thread on this site with a lot of information. They are the most beautiful chicken there is, and, if you get good ones, have great temperaments as well.

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