Cuckoo/black silkie eggs - 6 +

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  1. Up for auction are 6 + eggs from my cuckoo roo over 2 black hens. I have 6 collected now and will likely have the extras by tomorrow or at latest Thursday.

    Shipping will be in an insulated styrofoam shipper at no extra charge...if you are in an area where the weather is still freezing and you are concerned about the eggs getting too cold.


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    Apr 20, 2008
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    Can you tell me how these hatch out? Will they be black, or is a combo possible? Could I will one to hatch out as a splash pullet like my avatar? [​IMG]
  3. 'cuckoo works the same as barred. Since he is a roo, I think his babies could either be solid or cuckoo, not sex-linked. If he was a cuckoo hen bred to a solid roo, the male chicks would be single gened cuckoo, the pullets would be solid black and not carry it. If he is double gened cuckoo bred to black hens, I think all the babies would be single gened cuckoos, but you wouldn't be able to tell between the boys and girls until they crowed or laid an egg. I think if you breed a single gened cuckoo or barred roo, the offspring can be either solid or barred/cuckoo. You need to cross a few generations of cuckoo to cuckoo to set the gene so you don't get solid colored offspring.'

    This information is from a post where I was asking the same question. The answer was from "onthespot".
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    But but but you forgot to tell me how to will the egg to grow a splash My stupid wiener dog murdered my little silkie last year and I miss her much.
    Seriously though, Thank you for such a complete answer and for the time it took to put it all there.

    I jumped the gun again here- so hopefully I don't get blown out of the playing field like I did in your other auction!

    (p.s. Tell your daughter thank you for all she is doing for our country- and that people have not forgotten our soldiers overseas! You must be very proud...a nervous wreck, but proud nonetheless.)
  5. Thanks so much for your kind words, Mom. My daughter called this evening and said she may have to stay an extra 3 months. She was scheduled to come home in April...not sure about that now. But, with the Army you just never know... everything is very "liquid" [​IMG]
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    I just need your paypal address and I will send the money to you.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]...oh! I must go get my incubator prepared!

    Hang in there- I know people say that "I dont know how you do it"..and that the worry must sometimes consume you, I know, as a parent, you do it because you have no choice, I have no child in the military- however, I have some really serious behavioral problems with my son- and many times I dont know how I am going to get through. I get through because I am a mom, and its what moms do. I will keep your daughter in my prayers and I hope the next three months go by smoothly for her.

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