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    Ok I have white French marans, I added Easter eggers into the pen so I could get olive eggers. I have just hatched out my second batch. I expected to get all dark chicks, when I have ended up with both black chicks and yellow chicks, yay for variety[​IMG][​IMG]. From the first batch of 5 which are 3wks old, the 3 yellow chicks are a variety of browns like an Easter egger ranging from beach sand color to rusty tan/red, 2 solid black, and 2 black and white cuckoo. So the question. If I were to assume the cuckoo gene was on the white maran roosters side, would that mean that any that come up cuckoo from these pairings is a cockerel??? I realize it could be on the hens side but I find that much less likely. So assuming it's back in the roosters side somewhere am I on the right track?? I'll wait this first batch out to see for sure but I'm curious. Thanks
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    I don't know a whole bunch about genetics, but it is more likely that the cuckoo is from the rooster, especially since cuckoo is a very common color in marans. If he does have the barring gene, then i think the barred chick is a cockerel, but I'm not sure. If someone else says different, they are probably right [​IMG]
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    To make black sex links you need a barred hen and a rooster that is any color but barred or dominant white. All cockerels from this cross will be barred (indicated by a white spot on the head at hatch). It does not work the other way around (rooster barred, hens not). Unless you know the father is not barred/white and the hen is, any barred chicks could be male or female.

    However, often juvenile markings are mistaken as barring in young chicks. Do you have any cuckoo birds in the pen? If not, these chicks will not grow up barred.

    Hope this answers your question!

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