Cuckoo Maran Broody???

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    May 23, 2010
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    So this is my first year with chickens, And I possibly have a cockoo maran going broody.[​IMG] She hangs out in the nest boxes most of the day, has started to growl and peck at me when I go to check for eggs. She also spends a lot of time rearanging the bedding in the nest box. I set a few golf balls next to her in the nest and she immedently scooted them under her. I was going to wait a few days to see if she keeps sitting for a few days, and then give her some eggs to sit on.

    My questions are;
    Can you use eggs from the fridge??? (our roosters make sure the eggs are fertile)
    How long does it take eggs to hatch??
    Do cuckoo marans make good mothers???
    Will I have to bring the broody/mother inside for our very cold wisconsin jan/feb??

    The other cuckoo maran I believe is also trying to decide weather or not to go broody, she is inseperatable from the other Cuckoo, and keeps hoping in and out of the nest box next to her sister, and peeking at the other only to receive a growl....[​IMG]

    The only problem is that she was only one of 3 hens laying, the rest are freeloading currently. so If I cant give her fridge eggs, I will have to wait 4 days to get six eggs to put under her. Will sitting broody that long be bad for her health?
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    Quote:[​IMG] for your broody! There is so much joy in watching a hen and her chicks. [​IMG] for you.

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