Cuckoo Maran cockerels- 2 available

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    Jul 17, 2009
    Meet Shanks and Stumps. Hatched from Ebay eggs and raised with their 4 sisters. They are both very sweet and gentle with my two little boys. I can pick them up and snuggle them with minimal indignant squawks. Last Friday Shanks and Stumps (named for their incredibly thick legs) decided to become big boys and tried to stage a coup de tat. They are soooo much bigger than my breeding roo, they'd whomp him.

    I'd rather find them a good home with girls with their own rather than send them to the soup pot. The boys are much to pretty to eat. Their sisters aren't laying yet, so I cannot verify how dark the CM eggs will be.



    I don't know anything about shipping, so local pickup only. Delivery available.
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