cuckoo maran or barred rock?


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I rescued 3 hens a few months ago, two I assumed were barred rocks one Columbian wynnadotte. Well I have several barred rock hens and roosters. After reading a article on cuckoo marans I looked at the picture and they looked exactly like my two "barred rock" hens. I took a closer look and found my other BRs had yellow feet and the two in question had white feet white skin. My question is the marans are supposed to be chocolate eggers and my two lay large normal colored brown eggs. Any idea if they are marans or just barred rocks? Any other tell tale features?
The Marans have white skin/feet. We have 4, each of them lays a different color brown. The older they get, the darker their eggs seem to be. It could just be that your hens are young.
The Cuckoo Marans lay the lightest colored eggs of the Marans, and the hatchery Cuckoo Marans we've had laid eggs that were about the same color as the average red sex link. Dark egg color seems really easy to lose if the breeders do not select for it . From what you described, they could very well be Marans, just from a hatchery.
That's cool if you Google cuckoo Maran hen its identical to mine, and they did come from hatchery the guy I rescued them from ordered 300 of the mixed brown egg layers, he received them end of February and put all 300 under a single heat lamp OUTSIDE he lost 50 first night. Kept them in a field where he lost almost all of them, needless to say the idiot got locked up and a neighbor called me said guy was locked and the wife wants em gone if I want them go pick em up. So now I have sugar, margie and maxey. The end lol
Congrats on your girls!
Sounds like the girls were really lucky to have you go get them. That does not sound like a good beginning at all, they sure must be survivors to have made it under those circumstances. They are pretty chickens, and usually have a very nice temperament and make good pets once they know you.
They were very flighty when I picked them up, they had been left out for at least three weeks before I was called. I had to catch them on edge of dark, there was four originally I guess a predator picked one off...after being with my crew for a couple days and some hand feeding they follow me around like puppy dogs.

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