Cuckoo Maran or Ideal Production Black?


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Sep 2, 2011
We just purchased several chicks from Ideal Poultry and realized we weren't sure which chick was which with our three black chicks. Two are Cuckoo Maran Pullets (link) and one is a Production Black Pullet (link). Question is which is which?

In these pictures one is of all three chicks, and then two more pictures of the Crooked Toe chick + Yellow Chest or 1/2 Yellow Chest. We're splinting Crooked Toes w/pipe cleaners and giving her some vitamins so hopefully she'll be ok!




1/2 Yellow chest has a distinct yellow spot on her head while the other two are more faded, but then if I had to guess I'd say the Yellow Chest was the Production Black.

Does anyone have any pictures of adult Production Blacks you'd purchased from Ideal Poultry?


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I'm having the same dilemma, I got my chicks one week later than you from ideal. I got five production blacks and three surprise pullets that all look alike.

Ahhhh!!! Do I really have to wait 'til they lay. Did you figure it out?
Turns out the production black was the 1/2 yellow chest, he stood out because of his more distinct yellow spot on his head, the others spots looked more diffused and were less visible. You could tell them apart once the feathers started coming in, the cuckoo's all had black feathers w/white specks, but the production had barred b/w feathers. Hope this helps!

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