**Cuckoo Maran, SL polish, silkies, Welsummer, EE, SLW, RIR 40+eggs**


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Jul 27, 2008
I have all my babies running together for the winter...we have
Silver laced polish, golden laced polish, RIR, Welsummers, Silver laced Wydonettes, Light Brahma, Cuckoo Marans, Domoniques, Silkies (Black, White, Buff), Frizzles, Sizzles, a couple of Turkens, partrige cochin, blue cochin, Salmon Favorelle, a few showgirls (hen and roos) - believe me there are plenty of roos in the pen so these eggs are sure to be fertile. I am getting about 25 eggs per day so as soon as I collect 44 or so I will ship. I can take more than one order......I want to get or see what the silkie-polish combo will turn out to be...should be an interesting looking chicken to say the least.

My roos are Frizzle turken, white silkie, silver laced Wydonette, Golden laced polish, 2 frizzle cochins, light Brahma and Salmon Favorelle and 2 showgirl roos (one buff and one black)

All my roos are young and their tail feathers havent fully blossomed out yet, you can see in the photo of one of the Maran roosters a SL polish hen is checking out the other hen in the nesting box - chickens are so funny! she is waiting for her turn - actually she is being polite this time - normally she will just crowd her way into the same box!

I am selling 40+ eggs for $20 + shipping cost + a free suprise gift!
20+ eggs for $10 + shipping cost + free suprise gift!
10+ eggs for $5 + shipping cost
****************look at post #7 for some photos of the free gifts...I have many many charms these are just a few smaples*******************

PM me or email me at
if you are interested....thanks a bunch

I love my chickens and my dogs----and my son too cant leave him out! He might read this a get his feelings hurt!

Sure you can - chickens are like chocolate.....very addictive! and I am throwing in a free gift....a charm of some sort pictured below! I am going to get some chciken charms made!!!! I just dont have them right now....here are a few of the charms - I am going to give one away with each 20 or 40 egg purchase!

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Sep 22, 2008
Could you please send me a picture of your adult Silkies?
I would like to see them so that I may better know if I would like to order eggs.

Thanks so much.


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