Cuckoo Marans 6 eggs.... NPIP Tested Flock


11 Years
Aug 16, 2008
I am offering 6+ eggs from my Cuckoo Marans.

My Rooster is Monroe - he is a Golden Cuckoo Marans from a private Breeder in NE Ohio.

His ladies are Elizabeth, who is a Cuckoo Maran from the same breeder as him, and two Cuckoo Maran Pullets from Meyer Hatchery.

Their eggs could be darker. They start out light, about the color of a Buff Orps eggs, when they first come on to lay, and gradually darken up - but not as dark as they should be for a Marans, I think.

I would say that these are nice pet quality birds, and you will get nice pet quality brown egg layers out of these eggs.

These are the best layers I have, no matter the shade of brown their eggs are.

You will get all of the eggs laid from Friday to Sunday, and they will ship out Monday - if payment has cleared. (Eggs from March 5-7 to be shipped on March 8) I am getting 1-3 eggs out of the Marans pen (I only have 3 hens) so you will get all that I collect over three days.

I prefer paypal payments, but will accept a money order if necessary. Please note, I will only ship fresh eggs, so if you're the winning bidder and wish to pay with a money order, I will begin collecting your eggs for shipping when your money order arrives.

This is my Rooster, Monroe


and here is Elizabeth


I do not yet have pics of the other two, but I will put up a pic of their eggs later.

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