Cuckoo Marans and Bantam Polish Eggs to ship Tues. 2/24 ~ MD

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    I can send 6+ extras of my Cuckoo Marans or 6+ extras from my bantam white crested black & blue Polish pen. To ship Tuesday, 2/24. $20 for 6+ of one breed, total--includes priority shipping plus delivery confirmation. If you want both breeds (12+ eggs total), total is $35. I am an NPIP participant.

    I keep both feather-shanked and clean-legged birds together in my Cuckoo pen. These are not hatchery birds, and I am getting some nice eggs from them now.

    Below is a pic of some Marans eggs I sent out today. Note: If they look like Hershey's special dark to you, it's your monitor! [​IMG] I think that they are nice eggs, but they are not extremely dark like some other varieties of Marans (Cuckoos generally don't lay as dark as some other varieties, such as the Black Coppers). But I have noticed that, depending on what computer I'm on, they look different. I would give them a good 4 on the scale, and I am getting some I would consider 5s.


    Pics of some of the birds in my pens:


    My Polish are bantams, and while I of course I can't guarantee that you will hatch show quality birds, I do have show quality birds in this pen. I don't have the best pics of these guys, sorry! They are too nosy to hold still long enough. [​IMG] In this pen I have 2 black roosters over several black hens, but only 2 blue hens. So, you may get blue chicks or you may not, depending on who is laying and depending on what side of the blue/black coin the flip lands (breeding black to blue = 50% black, 50% blue). If you do get blue chicks, I would expect it would only be one or two.

    I also have two started trios of these bantams (only blacks, no blues) available. I'm in Maryland and they would be pick-up only. Contact me for more info. if interested.


    Feel free to email or PM me with any questions. I will be away from the computer most of the day, but will do my best to respond quickly. I will be back online later this afternoon and evening.

    Thanks for looking! [​IMG]
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    That one in the last pic looks like a rock star after a long hard night of partying!
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    how much if I pick them up?

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