Cuckoo Marans Breeding Trio in Kennesaw, GA

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    Jun 12, 2008
    Kennesaw, GA
    I have three 6 month old [26 weeks] Cuckoo Marans chickens for sale for $50.00 or will trade for a chainsaw in good working condition or open to other possible other trades [make an offer!].

    I have 2 pullets at point of lay [should start laying any day now] and one rooster. They are an excellent quality, clean legged. They come from very good stock from a reputable breeder [bayhorsebonne on eBay].

    They were hatched from nice dark chocolate colored eggs and should pass that ability on to their daughters [they were hatched from the dark brown eggs in the pic of the eggs in the incubator - the ones at the top].

    They have been raised around small children and our dog and are used to being handled.

    I had planned to use this breeding trio for hatching eggs to sell, but I have too many chickens right now. The roos are having crowing contests all day so I want to get rid of them before my neighbors kill me.

    These are big, meaty birds [especially the roo] and they will get some bigger still. Cuckoo Marans are a dual purpose bird and are good for both laying pretty chocolate colored eggs and for meat.




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