Cuckoo Marans Breeding Trio With Feathered Shanks

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    This is a breeding trio of Cuckoo Marans, all 3 have the feathered shanks, not as common as the clean legged variety. The cockerel is six months old, the two pullets are four months old each. The cockerel does not share bloodlines with the pullets. All three were hatched from eggs I purchased on eBay and here on BYC and have been hand raised. The cockerel is very people-friendly, no aggression whatsoever. He's much more interested in what treat you might have brought him. The pullets are already following him everywhere, should be a great trio!

    The sisters of the cockerel have started to lay some beautiful, dark brown eggs:

    I live in Bend, but would be glad to drive halfway to somewhere to meet someone (Alaska is out, sorry). Salem, Oregon would be ok, though. Sorry, no shipping.



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