Cuckoo Marans Day Old chicks


The Culling Queen
9 Years
Feb 25, 2010
I am offering 15 day Old Cuckoo Marans chicks.

My cuckoo are from the Ripley and Fugate lines. I am breeding them for APA standard. They are mostly feather shanked but a few pullets are still coming clean legged.

They are from nice dark eggs and are very big friendly and hearty birds.

Photos are eggs, parents, and a pullet that I hatched out last month.

Shipping and box are included in price.

This is a one time only auction. They are hatching so good and my brooders are STUFFED.

These are coming out right now and will be ready to ship on the morning of 4/22.

First one to send pm requesting paypal info gets the chicks. IF this ad is up they are not claimed.

OHIO NPIP #52-320


Nicol Perry

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