Cuckoo Marans Hatching Eggs 6+

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    May 11, 2009
    Time to Reload those bators from the easter hatch!!!

    I cannot load pics from my phone so please see my fb page. I just uploaded pics of my marans

    This is for the 6 freshest eggs i have when auction ends. I might send extra if available. I have 2 cuckoo marans hens and one roo
    These birds grow faster than any other i have had, making them good eating birds. Also the one hen is two yrs old and she still lays me an egg every day. Amazing since only my barred rock thats almost 1 does that, no one else. The hens do go broody. The two yro has successfully raised two clutches. They dont free range becuase my rooster is one mean son of a gun.


    Eta: paypal is [email protected]
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