Cuckoo Marans Rooster in GA

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    Jun 12, 2008
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    I have a 16 week old pure bred Cuckoo Marans Cockerel that I would like to sell for $10 or trade.

    He is a very nice specimen. He came from eggs from BayHorseBonne on eBay, who sells very nice Marans. He and his brothers and sisters all show excellent breed characteristics.

    He is very healthy and has been raised around children and handled. He should grow up to be a very nice roo. [Cuckoo Marans are my favorites of all the chickens we have - they are gentle natured, lay pretty chocolate eggs, and the roos are massive when full grown and make delicious meat birds if you are so inclined. Great all purpose bird IMO.]

    Either he or his brother is already crowing - not sure which it is, but if he isn't, he should be crowing soon and he will be sexually mature and ready to breed in a few weeks.

    Here are pics of him from today:



    He came from one of the nice dark chocolate eggs at the top in this pic below and should pass that trait on to his daughters:


    He is a very nice roo and I'd love to find him a good home with some girls to take care of.

    We live in Kennesaw. I will not ship him.


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