Cuckoo Marans Roosters (MD--Pick Up Only)

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    Mar 1, 2007
    I have a couple of extra Cuckoo Marans roosters available. Both have leg feathering (though it is lighter than I like) and came out of nicely colored eggs. There is a possibility that these guys could throw golden cuckoos--I have hatched goldens out of this pen alongside regular cuckoos. One of my roosters has proved notorious for this. [​IMG] Below is a picture of one of the roosters (the darker one in the center).


    And here's a picture of some eggs from the breeding pen these guys came out of:


    I'm in Maryland--pick up only. I don't have boxes big enough, and shipping would be pretty expensive--they're heavy boys--probably not worth it. But I'm usually willing to drive within reasonable distance to meet folks.

    Feel free to PM, email, or post here with any questions. [​IMG]

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