cuckoo marans?


8 Years
Aug 9, 2011
can anyone please tell me a bit about cuckoo marans

What age do they start to lay?

Is it normal for them to be cheeky to my other girls ( rir's and l sussex)?
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I have one Cuckoo and she's the most laid back of my small flock. She hasn't started to lay (24 weeks old now), but I suspect she will be the first out of the 4.

She's not really bold or cheeky with the others. While the blue copper marans, Liz, will sometimes bully the flighty Ameraucana, Penny, nobody really messes with Helen. Helen's comb is big and red and her wattles have grown in nice and big. Helen was the first to taste the mealworms and just about ate all of them the first time I offered them to the girls. That girl likes to eat.

From what I've read on BYC, they can be kinda flighty, but it really just depends on the chicken. Funny that your RIR's aren't the bossypants of the bunch. I always read that they are pretty dominant birds.
Does your cuckoo maran look like this, she is 19 weeks and people keep telling me she is a he?

I have a cuckoo maran pullet, she was my second bird to lay right after my red star. She isn't very cheeky, but she is really LOUD! She lays an egg then comes out and squawks at the top of her little lungs to announce the deed. She's a funny girl. I think your bird looks like a pullet, I think by this age you would be seeing some distinct saddle feathers.
All I have are Cuckoo Marans and mine are about 22 weeks old now and started laying right at 19 weeks old. They are not flighty at all...they are very sociable with me, letting me pick them up & pet them. I thought my hens were roosters too, but they have all turned out to be hens. I am actually looking for a rooster for my girls, but I am not having much luck. Good luck with yours!!!
I am very new to this chicken experience, but I dont see the saddle feathers everyone told me about. Your CM seems to be taller and skinner than is a pic of my girls....

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