Cuckoo Silkie Cockeral

Brody's Broodello

12 Years
Jan 9, 2009
I have one last Cuckoo Cockeral. He was hatched in the early spring and is an awesoome breeder. I just hatched a few of his chicks and they all have black skin. Just selling him because my other projects are taking up to much room. He has nice type and heavy foot feathering. I can ship him, or deliver to any of the shows I will be attending. I will be in NJ this weekend at the Sussex show, Ohio National,Maryland & Virginia.Shipping will be the actual amount plus $10 for a new shipping box. (I put $50 in the add, but if it is less, you will pay only what it costs) Feel free to contact me for additional info. I will be posting new sale birds on my website as well as other listing. Check back often.Thanks for looking.


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