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    For Auction very nice Cuckoo Silkie 9 Month old Cockerel. I hatched him from a fellow BYC member jenlynn4. He has a nice small comb and good feet but his coloring is on the red side, this is very common as Cuckoo is still a project color. His offspring however especially if paired with black hens with nice black combs and skin should be very nice. He is very friendly and docile and gets along with other roos. I vaccinated him for Mareks as a day old chick.

    I will ship him in a new box express with shredded apples for the journey. I will only ship weather permitting on both ends this included below freezing temps. I have 24 hour heat pads and will be fixing one to box just to be safe. I also have shipping waterers and will use one if the express trip will take more than 24 hours. I welcome pick ups! Cost of shipping with box is $55

    I am not certified but I have had a closed flock/s for well over a year now and practice very strict bio security. I have had my birds tested and the only thing I personally have had to deal with so far is Mareks which is why I now vaccinate. I raise all my birds using only certified organic feed and organic remedies/treatments.

    Please E-mail me at [email protected] as I am swamped with work and family stuff and have not had time to be on BYC much these days.






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    Wow! I love him! This is very tempting!!!! [​IMG]

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