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I have a young, less than 40 weeks, Australorp Bantom (Bubble) who I am 85% sure is internal laying.

She has never laid a 'normal' egg but about 8 weeks ago I though she ws going to start. She put on that 'about to start laying' body shape, her wattles turned and she started to visit the nest box either with her freind or directly after......great I think she is going to start laying me some lovely eggs ! Not to be !

Poor girl, she goes, makes a nest, sits for while and nothing happens. I noticed runny poop and have been cleaning her baskside on a regular basis, also been giving her a diet packed with fiber, lean protein, probiotic and vits and have stoped her from free ranging, but about 10 days ago she took a turn for the worse and now she is feeling really bloated, looks a bit uncomforatable and has a very squishy abdomen.

She is bright and still has no problem in the henhouse pecking order or keeping up with other chooks, she hasn't lost any condition, she feels like she is gaining weight ( I guess fluid) she is eating, scratching and drinking fine.....but it can't be nice to have this condition and I wonder if anyone has any REAL success with curing it and maintining the chicken as a layer. She is a working chook, not a pet and although I am fond of all my girls and need to know if she is worth keeping ?

I fear the worse and will not keep her to suffer if nothing can be done for her, so cull or cure ? I personally am edging towards cull after reading some other forum threads on the subject but if there is a fail proof remedy I will try it 1st.

she's my 1st seriously ill's like worrying about a child !

Thanks peeps
I would cull. She will always be in pain and will eventually die of this. I would save her the suffering. Sorry for you both.

Good luck.

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