cumberland fair Maine

Nope, I don't bring my birds to shows. Like to keep the flock closed. I will say that I haven't been impressed with the entries but I think it is mostly 4-H as a LOT of them are mislabeled or do not meet the standard. There were a whole bunch of "ameraucana" last year but not a single one was one of the accepted colors, they were all easter eggers, what the hatcheries sell as ameraucana.
Geez, if I thought of it I should have entered my Lav Ameraucana roo and put a for sale sign on him.....he is beautiful and probably would have found a home easily......
Looking forward to seeing what is there this year, let us know how it is
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Can egg laying hen be purchased at the Cumberland fair?
many times yes, birds are for sale at the fairs. sellers usually have boxes available to take birds home in. they will have a sign on the cage usually. also if you pick up an exhibitor list,find you favorite bird's entry number then contact the owner to see what they have for sale.
also if you are close enough, check out one of swaps in maine listed in my siggy
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