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    Foods With the Most Phytates: Nuts and Seeds
    In the interview, Rami told me that peanuts are as bad as soybeans when it comes to phytic acid content. He said that nuts are extremely high in phytic acid. He said that he thinks peanut butter that has not been soaked and sprouted is a “garbage food”.

    Rami told me that seeds are the absolute worst. Even worse than soy or peanuts. Sesame seeds have double or triple the phytic acid that soy has.

    Raw nuts are very bad and full of toxic anti-nutrients. Rami said that even cooked nuts will cause seizures in dogs. He told me the story of a woman who called him. Her one-year-old was was having seizures. It turned out the woman was eating raw almond butter and breastfeeding her baby — that was what was causing the baby to have seizures.

    Sesame seed oil doesn’t have phytic acid. However, Rami said that most brands of seed oil are not healthy because of the way they are pressed and processed with high pressure
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