CuRiOuS about my new chickens' EGG LAYING?

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    Oh gosh I'm so exited... tomorrow the chicks arrive!!! I ordered 8 bantam silkies, and I'm curious, how often will they lay? we will be raising them on medicated chick starter feed specifically designed for healthy happy chickens, and lots of delicious eggs. plus, what color are their eggs??? I've been told white, light brown, and tinted/green! do they lay ALL different colors??? also, one more thing, will bantam silkie eggs taste just the same as normal standard farm-fresh eggs, or will they not be as good because they're bantams? please help me! [​IMG]

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    Yes - the eggs will taste exactly the same as other eggs, but there will be much less egg white as the yolk takes up a lager percentage of the small egg.

    All chickens lay on a 25 hour cycle. So if she lays 1 egg today at 8am she should lay 1 tomorrow at 9am etc. They will also skip about 1 day a week & the time will reset to the morning. They slow down when they get 2 years old or older.

    Egg color varies bird to bird & species to species. For example, many are brown egg layers & they will lay brown eggs their entire life. Silkies can lay brown or white, but I've not heard of blue or green. Americana & Aracauna lay blue or green eggs.

    Hope this helps!

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