Curious, is salmonella ever passed from infected hen to chicks?

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    May 15, 2010
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    If I get chicks and hatching eggs from NPIP farms, does that mean that the chicks/eggs will not be infected? Thanks! I am sure this has been covered, but I can't find a thread about it through the search function.
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    I am thinking that my "home" chickens do not have salmonella. To me it looks like it's a chicken warehouse type thing.
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    salmonella is an omnipresent bacteria

    healthy animals and humans do not show symptoms of it because the immune system keeps it in check

    salmonella can be passed from hen to egg, that's why you should get eggs/chicks/chickens only from NIPI flocks/places.

    salmonella is most common or in high enough concentrations to cause salmonellosis when crowded conditions and sick animals are present at the same time.

    This only becomes a risk to humans or animals eating unprepared (uncooked, improperly cooked) food or using unsafe cooking practices - (dragging/spilling an uncooked egg on the surface where salad or cooked food is prepared. )

    It can be carried in wild animals and passed in their droppings.

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