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5 Years
Apr 10, 2014
I came across this site because I have a 5 yr old who is VERY interested in chickens. All aspects of chickens and chicken life. Eggs, egg colors, how eggs are laid, how some eggs we eat and some have chicks, different breeds, feathers, feather coloring, what they eat.... You get the picture. :)
I've taken him to a chicken coop of a friend of a friend of mine where he got to collect eggs and see the chickens, but that apparently did not satisfy the curiosity.
I was a science teacher for many years and love his curiosity and want him to continue to learn. I've contemplated getting an incubator and hatching some eggs, as I have raised all sorts of animals before, but I don't think my city allows backyard chickens and I don't know where I could take them once they were old enough to be outside.

So, I have two questions.
(For reference, I live in a suburb just north of Dallas, TX.)
1) Does anyone out there know of a place that, has chickens, and regularly allows visitors?
2) Does anyone know of a place that would accept chicks if we were to incubate and hatch them? I'd love to be able to donate them somewhere or something of that nature.

Thanks, in advance, for the help and advice!
The easiest way to find out if your city allows chickens is to call your local City Hall. If you have a ban on chickens it is most likely in your CC&R's. You should have gotten a copy of them when you bought your home. If you get a small odd looking breed like a silkie and only keep the pullets you could most likely keep them with out any problem. If you don't tell people that they are chickens most people know so little about chickens that they would not know.

Q "What kind of birds are those."
A "This is our pet silkie. They are from China. Marco Polo wrote about them during his travels."

They are a small, friendly, silly looking "Fur" covered bird. They do not look like what people think of as chickens.

Your son is also old enough to join 4-h as a cloverbud. Silkies are a great choice for small kids to use at that age for 4-h.

My daughter is 7 and is still disappointed when I gather the eggs from the coop. It is her favorite chore.
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great to have you joining the BYC flock

BYC has a very useful learning center

Welcome to BYC!

Odelia X2. I think you need to start with your local town hall and ask questions as to whether you can keep poultry. You may be able to and not know it. If you can't keep them, but want to do some hatching, you might then connect with other BYC members in your state thread. It is possible you can do some hatching and then these members may take your birds or know who might take them after hatch. Take a look here in your state thread...

If you have any poultry swaps near by, you can also hatch these chicks and sell them at swaps. Good luck with this new adventure! I think you are wonderful at feeding your sons interests! I wish my parents had taken notice of my bird obsessions at such a young age! Well, maybe not. I am already over loaded with poultry. But still I need more!!

Welcome to our flock and enjoy all your new adventures!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! TwoCrows and Odelia gave you some good hints, 4-H is a great way for getting involved in chickens.
Thanks for the welcomes and great advice!
I'll check in to figuring out how to join 4-H, I'd looked around, but only saw the stuff for older kids, so I'll check again.
That swap idea sounds great! I'll look into that too!
It is true that the average person doesn't know Silkies are chickens. Most believe they are little "foo foo" dogs, from a distance. My friend used to take her silkie in the car, and it had it's head out the window. Another car followed for quite a distance till they got close enough to ask "what is that?"
They could not believe it was a chicken.

Look at all the exotic cage breed of parrot, cockatiels, etc. okay Silkies can be that too .

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