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    My standard size brahma hen started limping about a week ago. Her feet looked clean, I couldn't see any wounds and her leg/foot felt like nothing was broken or even swollen. I let her be, figuring maybe she just twisted it etc. I only have one other hen and they live in an enclosure so I wasn't really worried about her hurting it worse. It is pretty cold here so the past few times I've been out in their coop they were both nestled down so I didn't see her walking around. Today they were out and I sadly saw that her toes were loosely curled under her foot and she was kind of stepping down like that. Like the chicken version of when a dog 'knuckles under'. What to do????
    She's young - hasn't even started laying yet, but she is as big as my 8 month old australorp. They eat a "complete" store bought feed and supplement with dried meal worms and a dried garden blend with some fruit and veggie treats. I don't know if any of this
    information might help.



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