Curious of my breeds and sex

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by chicksb4dicks, Mar 24, 2018.

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    Mar 24, 2018
    20180324_103155.jpg 20180324_103155.jpg 20180324_103320.jpg 20180324_103318.jpg So I have 14 almost 6 week olds. I know that ONE was a male when we got them. (the black one) and I know I have 4 Rhode Island Red but I dont know what the other breeds I have or how many of each sex there is. Thank you in advance!!!!

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    Could you post photos of each chick individually? Photos in natural light without flash work best. A side profile shot with legs/feet, & one from the front (where we can see the comb/wattle size/color) would be most useful.

    From the current pics I see:
    • 1 Barred Rock Chick - Cockerel
    • 1 White Chick. Does this chick have a pea comb? (The 9 Comb Types)
    • 4 Red Chicks, RIR? - Need individual shots to get a better idea of sex
    • 8 Buff Colored Chicks - At least one Cockerel, chick farthest from the camera at the end of the feeder. Are all eight of the same coloring or do some have more white after feathering out? Also are all of their legs the same color? Can't tell from the photos.
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    Yes, individual photos plus age for chicks - natural lighting no red bulbs

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