Curious question for those of you raising 20+ chicks


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What is your intention with that many, as I assume you plan to keep them. From what I've been reading, the average layer will lay 3-6 eggs a week. Let's go with 4 a week and say that's the general number. If you have 25 hens at 4 eggs each a week, that's 400 eggs a month. What do you plan to do with them all? I don't think I could even give away that many eggs,lol. I'd love to get a few EE but I'm really considered that my 14 will be more than enough for us once they start to lay this summer.
well I raised 21 chicks and they give me an egg every day with the exception of one hen who only lays every 2 or 3 days. so basically I get 20 eggs per day. At first my fridge was full but after a couple weeks or word of mouth I now sell almost every single dozen except what I save for my family to use.

I plan on getting another 20 layers and 20 duals this spring, in fact the order has already gone in. the new 20 layers will be replacing my existing flock, as I will be processing the older hens for stews/soups and the new duals for roasting/fryers.
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I don't even think I could sell that many and the thought of wasting them is just awful. I *might* be able to give away 7 or 8 dozen a month. I don't really want to sell them though because I don't want strangers coming here,lol. I'm becoming concerned that my 12 will be too many eggs for our family. Maybe I'll end up with hens who only lay two a week,lol.
it is called an incubator...then I have chicks...then folks call it an addiction...then you begin trading take 50 birds to a sell and get enough money to buy a trio of really special learn chicken math
I don't have people come here to buy them I bring the eggs to them because I do not want people at my house, so you could possibly do that. I sell to friends and friends of friends, I sold some to the owner of the taxi stand and ever since most of the taxi drivers will swing by my hubby's work and place their orders, his co workers also buy eggs from us and 3 of our neighbours buy them every week too.
I don't want to turn my homestead into a roadside stand either. I'll sell them to the neighbors in the holler when they drive home, and let DW take them to work and sell out of a cooler. She's got enough pre-orders to keep 30 hens busy, and they're not even outside yet!
You can always donate to the food pantries... :)

and contact churches; they usually know ppl in their congregation and in the community that
could use a break on groceries..
some small town grocery stores will sell eggs for you. Or just cook em up for the chickens...they like eggs for breakfast too.

I sell mine at Farmer's Markets and church.

I take mine to work and put them in the common fridge. Miraculously, money shows up in my locker! People are always asking me to reserve the next dozen for them. I take in about 3 dozen/week. I bet I could move triple that. I've got 34 in the incubator now. If I get near a 70% hatch (I wish!) that would be 24 chicks. Half male and in the stewpot, that is 12 laying hens left. No problem!

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