curled toes and splayed legs

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  1. nillyfarm

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    Mar 27, 2012
    We just hatched out our first brood and it looks like we have 2-3 chickies (now 32 hours old, some younger) that have curled toes. One of them has a normal foot but the other is curled. We also have a little chick whose legs are splayed out to the sides. She is very strong otherwise. She is also the noisiest. Any suggestions on how to help these little guys with this?
  2. BuffOrpington88

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    Mar 20, 2012
    For the curled toes, you can get a pipe cleaner and put it on the bottom of the toe. Gently wrap with gauze or vetrap.
    For the splayed legs, you can get a normal (or small for bantams) band-aid and put the white part between the legs. Then secure around legs and stick the excess to the white part. It will end up looking a little like a hobble.
    Good Luck! [​IMG]

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